Flourish grow tents have been developed for indoor gardeners who desire full control over their plants’ growth environment.

These tents are designed to establish a self-contained growing area that can offer optimal lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions when equipped with the appropriate components.

With a Flourish grow tent, you can cultivate plants throughout the year, regardless of outdoor weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for those who prefer indoor gardening in their homes or sheds while maintaining a controlled environment that fosters healthy growth and yields.

Additionally, Flourish grow tents come in various sizes and configurations to fit diverse requirements and budgets, making them a great choice for both inexperienced and seasoned growers.


The 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls in Flourish grow tents are extremely durable. With this added thickness, the walls become light-impermeable, odour-resistant, sound-resistant, and offer proper insulation to maintain optimal temperature stability.

Additionally, these tents come with observation windows that allow for easy and comfortable viewing of the interior without disrupting the growing environment.

The term “D” in 1680D represents “Denier,” which serves as a unit of measurement for linear mass density in a specific material. It quantifies the mass of a single strand that spans 9,000 meters. It may seem peculiar, but a lone silk strand equates to approximately 1 denier, meaning that a 9,000-meter silk strand weighs around 1 gram.

To put this into perspective, consider that 1 denier equals 1 gram divided by 9,000 meters. Here’s an intriguing fact: a staggering length of 9 kilometers of silk amounts to merely 1 gram in weight. Difficult to fathom, isn’t it? For comparison, the thickness of human hair measures 20 deniers. Consequently, a 9-kilometer-long strand of human hair would weigh 20 grams.

Flourish offer grow tents in various sizes, including the

Flourish 140cm X 140cm X 230cm. Instruction Booklet
Flourish 125cm X 250cm X 230cm. Instruction Booklet
Flourish 295cm X 295cm X 230cm. Instruction Booklet

2 in 1 tents, contain an area for plants and an enclosed area for propagation.

Flourish 2 in 1 – 170cm x 240cm x 230cm Instruction Booklet
Flourish 2 in 1 – 280cm x 125cm x 230cm Instruction Booklet


2 in 1 – 170cm x 140cm x 230cm